In todays modern world there are many people who believe that Smartphones have replaced the need for a wrist watch. Can’t deny that there is a grain of truth to that, however one also has to acknowledge that it is an accessory which is still useful and adds class to a person’s overall persona. Here are a few tips when looking to buy a new wrist watch:

1. Branded

A watch is not something which you buy after every few months. For me a watch is like an old friend who brings a smile to your face and reminds you of the good old times. This need can only be filled by buying a branded watch as they literally do stand the test of time. Invest once and you won’t regret it.

2. Authorized dealer

I cannot stress this enough. Always buy from an authorized dealer. This way you can rest assured that you are buying the genuine product. In a world where fake watch replicas are getting harder and harder to detect, I steer clear from any shop which is not the authorized dealer of that brand. 

3. Line of work

As with anything you buy, your line of work would determine the type of watch you should buy. If your line of work is outdoorsy and physically demanding choose a sturdier watch, whereas for people with desk jobs a sleek and pristine watch may add a whole aura of enigma around them.

4. Leather or chain

This comes down to personal preference, I would not mind either. If you are unsure, I would recommend that you buy a cheaper watch first and check out how it feels. This way you would be able to make your mind with greater certainty.

5. Smart Watch

From tracking footsteps, helping you exercise, syncing with your phones you may actually fall in love with smart watches. Do some research into the various models with different price tags and see what suits you best.

As always price is the most major factor to consider. I would recommend that you spend a bit more heartily when it come wrist watches as they are something which is built to last. Just remember a good branded watch can become something of a signature unique to you.