What is a scientific theory? We live in a world where we are constantly fed information in the form or written media, television, the internet and what not. When you begin to fathom the amount of information, we ingest in a month you would come to think ofthe fact that how much of it is actually valid. So much is the volume of information we receive in this age of information is that for most of us it become frivolous to separate the truth from the lies. A scientific law is something which is proven and exists as it is. Whereas a scientific theory is something which you may think of as a model to explain some phenomenon in the universe which has stood the test of time over the years. But still by no means we can equate the two. Now when we have covered the fundamental difference between these two we can move on to telling you of some of the most widely misunderstood scientific statements whether they be laws or theories.


We all deal with it, live with it, look at it. However, if asked to define it we do not possess the answer as to what time is. There is no single scientific explanation which is accepted universally when it comes to time. Don’t get us wrong the idea of time is daunting even to the best and brightest brains in the industry and for right reasons too.Many scientists have dedicated their lives in an effort to understanding time and its properties, there are complicated equations and theories which attempt to explain as to what time is. The scientific community was shocked when Albert Einstein proved to the world that time is relative. Some physicists argue that time does not exist at all. There have been experiments conducted on a scale smaller than an atom known as the Planck Scale. In these experiments it has been found that time seems not to exist when you go into such small scales. In summary as of now, we do not know what time is!

2.The theory of natural selection

According to this theory only the strongest and fittest survive. Well, no. The media and books which cover the subject lightly may at a glance convince us that indeed as per this theory in any given circumstances and environment only the strongest and fittest organisms may survive. However, this is true only if the environment under consideration for the organism is one which require only strength and fitness as the best way to live and pass on the genes to a new generation. As such the point behind this theoryis actually not jest strength and fitness but rather it is the existence of those characteristics which best suit in that environment.

3.Electrons move faster than light

We have read many claims on the internet and seen people arguing that an electron is somehow able to move faster than light. Sorry to disappoint you folks, that’s completely and utterly false. The fact is that electrons can move faster than light when they have been sped enough, but this occurs in a medium in that slows down light moving through it. This is not something new to the scientific community and it can be observed at nuclear reactors in the form of a blue glowing effect which is known as Cherenkov Radiation. All the hype that internet created that the light barrier is finally broken holds no truth to it. As a matter of fact,one should read more carefully before forming a judgement faster than light and faster than the speed of light is not the same thing.

4.Artificial Intelligence–the new evil

The concept of AI is nothing new, for as long as the Hollywood has existed, we have been constantly been fed with movies which revolve around AI. In most of these AI films the machine has been portrayed as having a consciousness of its own and as such is able to make complex decisions which threaten humanity. Unless you have done some research on the subject or hold some form of computer degree you may not know how false and overly exaggerated the concept is. To make matters worse very note worthy scientists have also made claims that at some distant future mankind may become slaves to AI and become redundant. The idea is worth laughing. For any person who has some basic understanding of AI, they know that the scientists and computer engineers are working towards AI which solve particular human problems and not trying to create consciousness. You can now see that the ideas are vastly dissimilar. The only threat which may truly exist in the fore seeable future is that an AI which is let say given complete control over a city’s traffic control system makes a bad decision, not with malicious intent but due to faulty code.

5.The controversy behind blackholes

Black holes are a reality which has been accepted by most of the scientific community. It is a cosmic sinkhole which devour all light and matter and leaves nothing –hence the term blackhole. However, the late Stephen Hawking introduced the world to the concept of Hawking radiation, which is essentially particles emitted by the blackhole. According to Hawking as a blackhole is losing heat and matter it will eventually dissolve into nothingness. This creates a problem. The question arises that what happens to all the light and matter that the blackhole sucked into it whilst it was active. Some scientists believe that as no information in the universe can be lost permanently, but Hawking believed that such is the case with blackholes in which all information is lost. This is the limits of current human understanding of the nature of blackholes. Research is going on and we hope to find the answers in the near future, but for now let’s hope that we can actually witness a black hole dissolving to find out the truth.