How would you like to know a secret which only the best travelers around the globe use and would not tell you? Wouldn’t it be awesome to explore the new places you travel without having to worry about the high hotel bills or accommodation costs? Welcome to the world of house sitters.If you are new to the concept or do not know much about it this blog post would be awesome for you. Even if you are a seasoned house sitter chances are that you may find something that might be new to you. Housesitting is the act of taking care of someone else’s house and pets while they are gone on travel of their own. I house sit often when I travel, even as I write this post,I am snuggled in someone’s house in Romania and the experience this brings is unbelievable. I have been here for 2 months and it feels just like home. I get up in the morning make my own breakfast take care of the house stuff and off I go.

It is obvious that this has reduced our travelling costs significantly but not only that we get to experience the new locale in a very natural light and experience which would have been otherwise not possible. You may think that such a task is not for people who are on a short vacation or who travel less often. Well that’s absolutely not the case. We have been house sitting around the globe for as little as 9 days and as long as 6 months. Some of the benefits of house sitting are:

1.Meeting new friends

For me and my wife we have made tons of friends all over the globe and you may think that includes just the owners of the house for whom we sis the job. No that’s not the case, instead it was a whole my riad of people in the neighborhood as well. By house sitting you get to meet the local people in a very natural setting which I believe would not be possible otherwise. This way you get to meet some very interesting people and also learn a lot about the place you are visiting.

2.Save more–see more

Let’s be honest here. You did not travel half way across the globe to sit in some hotel room and enjoy the fine dining. You went there to meet new people and have new experiences. Let’s face it, this requires money. So,by house sitting you save a ton of money on accommodation cost and that money would be well spent on what really matters. You also end up saving on food bills by cooking healthy wholesome meals for yourself if you like.

A home away from home

Sometimes waking up in a foreign place on a cozy bed which feels like home, I have to remind myself as to where I am. This puts a smile on my face every time. If you are using normal hotels for staying chances are that you would being paying a fortune if you decide to stay for longer than a month. That’s not the case if you are house sitting, it allows you to take things at a slower pace and visit all the places without being in a rush all the time.

Now we have your attention and we have sparked the fire inside you to save some buck and become a serial house sitter. Let us tell you how to proceed further.

a.Register on a house-sitting website

All such websites have a membership fee and they have strict rules. So,our advice would be to be as honest as possible. That being said you do not need to register yourself on all these websites just choose one or two and you would be good to go. Here are some of the best websites which would match you to people who want a house site:, and

b.Build a good profile

Realize this that most of the people who could be your prospective employers have never met you in person, so whatever they know about you is via your profile. So,it is very important for you to build an awesome profile which highlights all your skills. If you have a house of your own you can mention that in your profile. If you have some experience in handling pets you can jot that down in your profile as well. If you have a passion for gardening or are good with power tools that could be an added bonus point.

c.Be fast

I have given you several reasons as to why you should choose to be a house sitter instead of renting out a hotel room. Believe it or not many people who are into travelling know about the benefits. As such whenever there is a good opportunity it will go fast. The best way to make sure that you never miss an opportunity is to subscribe to email alerts on the above-mentioned sites and also follow their social media links. Trust us the jobs go fast.

d.Keep references handy

It should be very obvious that for anybody to entrust there home and all their belongings to some stranger requires a certain level of credibility and trust. So,if you have some experience in house sitting that would be very helpful in landing you some great house-sitting opportunity. However, if you are new have no fear,we have got the solution. You may refer your boss, old landlord, neighbors and anybody who can attest to who you are.