Women love purses of all shapes and sizes and rightly so. They are our lifeline, our best friend and our confidant. They carry everything we need to look our best and make us feel ready to take on the world. So, if you are looking for a new handbag invest in a good handbag and preferably from a noted designer. If you are like me when you hear the term designer handbags, the first thing to come to mind is that it must be way more costly than a normal handbag. True, but hear me out.
There are many less noted brands but which provide far more sturdiness and beauty than normal handbags. You will need to do some research over the internet, ask your friends and I am sure that you will find these gems in whichever part of the world you live in. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best designer handbags:

1. Acceptable price

As with anything when you choose to buy a product (especially women’s products) the variation in price is to damn high. As such it would be good idea to set the high and the low of what you are willing to pay. 

2. Check it Thoroughly

A good-looking bag with a hefty price tag may not always be the best idea to buy. Instead when you decide to buy a bag just consider that is it worth the money. To judge this you have to see the build quality. Check that the stitching is proper and there are no threads poking out already. The shell should be hard enough to withstand at least a reasonable period of time. If the shell feels iffy there is no point in buying the bag. Another dead giveaway for cheaper bags is cheap metal, look for signs of rust or polish that has chipped away. 

3. A bag that stands out

Though it may be tempting to buy a bag which immediately strikes the eye due to its unique design or color combination, this may not turn out to be smart decision. For starters such a bag would go out of fashion fairly quickly and would likely leave you feeling awkward at gatherings. Furthermore, you may get tired of all the attention the bag draws and might want to ditch it for just this reason.

4. Multipurpose

Try to find a bag which can help you out in different situations. Look for features like convertible straps, top handle or body strap. 

5. Choose the size wisely

I read on a very popular women’s fashion blog that the bag should ideally be not to big and not to small but should be something in the middle. I strongly disagree. Look at your needs and decide. The needs of a stay at home mom with three kids would be very different to the needs of a single woman who works at a bank.
Do some research on the internet, compare prices and read the reviews to help you decide and always remember that expensive is not always better. Spend your money wisely.