It is common knowledge across all cultures that eating almonds or almost most of the nuts is great for your health. Eating almonds is a great way to getting healthy fat in your diet and you also get a bunch of protein in the mix which will aid you in your overall muscle development. You will also love to know that these nuts are also known to provide you with a kind of slow burning energy which helps you going all day long. So,if you are having any sleeping issues in your start eating some almonds now. So according to research if you eat an ounce of almonds daily besides just the benefits,we discussed above you will also be getting some other stuff as well. Read on to fall in love with this nut.

1.Greater tummy health

Much research has been conducted that shows that if you consistently eat almonds it is shown to improve your overall digestive system. Intestines get a healthydose of the good bacteria’s like lactic acid and bifidobacterial which create a strong door to keep the bad bacteria out of your system. The bad bacteria which crosses the intestinal barriers have been shown to cause all sorts of problems including diabetes, mental health problems, asthma, skin problems etc. It is no surprise that we are what we eat and as such the root of many of the ailments that the human body suffers originate in the belly.

2.Lower the urge to eat

Obesity is one of the top concerns amongst people nowadays and most rightly so. Obesity has been linked with a lot of medical problems and conditions. So,if you are a person who has a difficult time controlling the urge to snack or eat, almonds are nothing short of a blessing. Almonds have been shown to contain enough nutritional value to fulfill snack craving and provide you with a slow burning energy which would be able to serve you for the whole day. This wonder nut is full to the max, it is a beautiful cocktail of healthy fats, proteins and fiber which gives you a feeling of being full. IF that was not enough this nut also contains a blend of vitamins and minerals which gives your body what it needs to perform at its best. Before leaving this here, we would also like to inform you of a health tip when you are eating almonds. According to a research you should chew almonds for longer than you normally chew to get the maximum benefits. What happens is that when you chew it longer it breaks the cell walls of the almonds in such a way that the nutrients are better absorbed.

3.Better your metabolism and essential mineral intake

We all want something healthy to reduce fat and the best way to do so is to increase the rate of metabolism. Almonds have been shown to contain little amounts of B-complex vitamins which boost metabolism namely thiamine, vitamin B6, niacin and folate. This would result in a reduced waistline and a better overall health.If that was not enough almonds have also been shown to provide several other medical benefits. When you hear of acne, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome and blood disorders you should want to know natural stuff which keeps these ailments at bay. Have no fear Almonds to the rescue. Introducing Riboflavin,the answer to all these ailments. An ounce of almonds has been shown to contain 20% of daily intake of this wonder nutrient. Furthermore,an ounce of almonds also contains half of your RDA for vitamin E. This vitamin has been shown to give you smoother skin, shiny hairs, better immunes system and a better overall heart health. Did we mention that vitamin E is also an antioxidant?

4.Healthier bones

Magnesium and phosphorus are two nutrients that are essential to our daily intake. They are responsible for increasing bone density and that is something to be considered in modern days. Almond also contains calcium in limited quantities which is literally what our bones are made of. Calcium intake is great for bones and highly recommended for people from all walks of life. Vitamin E has also been linked in recent researches to bone strength and density.

5.Reduce cholesterol

If you are anything like us you would be seriously interested in lowering your cholesterol level, if so, don’t touch the skin. Many people like to peel the skin of almonds before consuming them. Bad move. The skins of almonds have been found to contain flavonoids which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Flavonoids have also been proven in research to work in conjunction with vitamin E and vitamin C to increase the effects of antioxidants and lower your LDL levels. Save your heart. All of the deep fried and unhealthy eating habits that we have developed over the last century have proven to be really taxing for our hearts. All this bad cholesterol has been known to accumulate in our blood vessels and wreak havoc on our life quality. Almonds have been proven to reduce the risk of heart diseases by fighting chronic inflammation.

6.To the max

Unlock your full potential, live through the life to its maximum potential, fulfill your goals and desire, go nuts, we mean literally. Most of us don’t get enough magnesium per day as much as we need and that’s why we feel dull or down most of the time. It has been shown that an ounce of almonds contains half the daily requirement of magnesium. Not to beat about the bush, but almonds contain a healthy mix of carbs, proteins and health fats. They make hell of a snack, so the next time you get the munchies instead of eating something unhealthy go for almonds and do your body a big favor. For these reasons and many more eating almonds daily is a good habit to get into.